Ferencvaros Budapest

During the days of its foundation, in 1906, José Alvalade announced his well known wish to transform Sporting into a ‘big club, as big as the biggest in Europe’. Today, more than a century later, the Club’s record expresses that extraordinary show of confidence that was manifested by José Alvalade as part of the Club’s principles, values, winning drive and spirit of sportsmanship shown by its founders. Acting as a trail-blazer in a time when sport as a business activity was little known in Portugal, and was even more so reserved for the elite, the first Sporting fans were able to establish deep roots that have grown into the powerful international community that Sporting is today. The Club can now boast thousands of titles, three million fans across every continent and hundreds of Supporters Clubs, Affiliates and Delegations.

Foundation: 1906

Legal Address:
Avenue des Arts, 43 ZIP: 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Operational Address: 
Via Monte Zebio 9,CAP: 00195 Rome, Italy

Phone number: +32488944316
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